LinkedIn is having a moment thanks to a wave of layoffs

new york CNN — In a normal year at this time, a typical LinkedIn feed might be full of posts about year-end reflections on leadership and professional goals and suggested lifehacks for the year ahead — possibly with a few posts from CMOs offering tips on brand strategy, for good measure. Those posts are still … Read more

Larry Summers calls for more US job losses from ‘tropical paradise’

Larry Summers got roasted on social media after he said higher unemployment will be necessary to tame inflation in the US economy during a TV broadcast from what looked like a tropical beach resort. The former Treasury Secretary, now a Harvard University professor as well as a paid contributor to Bloomberg News, appeared on Bloomberg’s … Read more

Silicon Valley layoffs go from bad to worse

CNN — Shortly before Thanksgiving, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy confirmed rumors that layoffs had begun in multiple departments at the e-commerce giant and said it would review staffing needs into the new year. On Wednesday, Jassy provided a sobering update on that review: Amazon is cutting more than 18,000 jobs, nearly double the 10,000 that … Read more