How easy are refreshing drinks and energy drinks to cause sudden death? Nutritionists point to the key, 4 concepts to drink healthy!

Many people will refresh themselves with refreshing drinks and energy drinks, and many people have developed the habit of drinking it every day, and some people even drink more than one can a day. Be careful, overdose may cause personal injury or even sudden death.

 Manman nutritionist pointed out that the key is not only caffeine, but also reminded that if you really want to drink it, you must have 4 concepts, and drink it healthily to avoid injury.

The common ingredients of refreshing drinks and energy drinks, the
main refreshing key is caffeine?

Manman nutritionist pointed out that the common ingredients of refreshing drinks such as various added sugars, caffeine, vitamin B group, taurine, guarana, ginseng, etc., the most important refreshing ingredient is widely regarded as caffeine, which is the central nervous system.

A stimulant, it has a refreshing effect by stimulating the central nervous system. Guarana is also an extract with caffeine. Vitamin B group is a coenzyme, which can assist the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, etc. and convert them into energy under the condition of balanced nutrition.

 Taurine also helps to increase energy. It is widely found in many seafood and meat. Generally speaking, it is not easy to be deficient. However, it will be lost faster during physical activities such as exercise.

All kinds of added sugars are also a source of energy that can be quickly absorbed and utilized by the human body. Ginseng also helps to replenish Qi, stamina, energy, etc., but generally less than other ingredients.

How easy are refreshing drinks and energy drinks to cause sudden death?
Nutritionists point to the key: really don’t drink too much!

Although from the above point of view, in addition to all kinds of added sugars, they are generally beneficial to the human body, but people also say that people should not drink too much refreshing drinks, and drinking too much can easily hurt the body. news of death.

 In this regard, Manman nutritionist said that drinking too much is indeed a concern that it will cause a burden on the body, and the most important key is caffeine.

Excessive caffeine:
Ingesting a large amount of caffeine in a short period of time can lead to diuresis, insomnia, convulsions, and increased blood pressure. The Ministry of Health and Welfare recommends the upper limit of caffeine intake per day.

Adults should not exceed 300 mg of caffeine, and adolescents should have less. It is not recommended for children to consume. Half of the adult’s upper limit, drinking more than one can a day will nearly exceed the limit.

 If the refreshing drink is in a large can, or you usually drink other drinks with caffeine such as coffee and tea, it is naturally more likely to exceed the standard.

Excessive sugar added:
Refreshing drinks with added sugar taste like soda, and are usually small cans, making it easy for people to drink can after can. Regarding added sugar, the World Health Organization recommends that the daily upper limit for minors is about 25 grams, but 350 ml of refreshing drinks generally have about 40 grams, which is easy to exceed the standard in one can.

This is not counting the additions in other diets. sugar. In addition to being prone to obesity and addiction, excessive sugar intake is also detrimental to cardiovascular health.

Excessive sodium:
Sodium is also often found in refreshing drinks. Modern people’s diets generally have a heavy taste, and there are also cases of excessive intake, which is easy to form high blood pressure and affect the health of blood vessels. Coupled with the aforementioned effects of caffeine, it is easier to increase the burden on the body.

Physical condition:
Although there is a recommended upper limit for the ingredients, everyone’s physical condition and tolerance to caffeine are different. For example, people who need to refresh themselves with refreshing drinks often need to stay up late to report, play electric games, etc.

People with poor practice and day and night are more likely to be injured when they are in poor physical condition. The above-mentioned component factors, human factors, etc. are all things that need to be paid attention to.

To prevent refreshing drinks and energy drinks from hurting the body,
nutritionists teach 4 concepts to drink healthy!

Manman nutritionist said that refreshing drinks can also be drunk in a healthy and safe way, and the key is to maintain good habits. First of all, it is natural not to overdose. You need to pay attention to your own intake limit. It is recommended to drink it if you really feel that you need to refresh yourself.

 If you have the habit of drinking every day, then at least remind yourself not to exceed one can a day, so as to avoid excessive intake of caffeine and added sugar. After drinking a refreshing drink, it is also recommended to avoid drinking coffee, tea and other beverages that also contain caffeine. In addition, when drinking, like coffee, it is necessary to avoid dispensing to avoid accelerated metabolism and adverse drug effects, or drug interactions.

 It is also necessary to pay special attention to avoid drinking with alcoholic beverages or at a time that is too close, so as not to cause excessive stimulation to the heart, which may cause discomfort such as palpitations. It is also recommended to drink more water at ordinary times, in order to take advantage of the various ingredients of the refreshing drink and maintain overall health. 

Manman nutritionist also suggested that there are actually many ways to improve the spirit, such as drinking sugar-free coffee, sugar-free green tea, maintaining a balanced nutrition, and supplementing B group. If you often feel tired, it is better to check your daily routine and lifestyle first, so as to make fundamental adjustments.

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