How does lung cancer coexist with the new crown? At the age of 80, he can still climb mountains in the fourth period! Doctor: Stable treatment is the key.

The new crown epidemic has affected the world, and it is more like an enemy for lung cancer patients. Lung cancer patients are a risk group with low immunity and poor lung function. If they are attacked by the virus, it will undoubtedly be worse.

However, lung cancer patients are not only at the mercy of the epidemic, and many patients are well controlled under the epidemic.

For example, although some patients were told that there are only 6 months left, they can continue to climb mountains and travel with active cooperation with doctors. , partying with friends, etc. to engage in activities that you like, and it has been going on for more than 3 years. 

How exactly? In this era of coexistence with the virus, what kind of mentality should lung cancer patients hold? Wu Jiaoen, an associate professor-level attending physician of the Department of Oncology, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou explained one by one.

How do lung cancer patients face the new crown epidemic?

The doctor pointed out 3 hidden worries and advised to return to the doctor regularly.

Dr. Wu Jiaoen said that under the new coronary pneumonia, the most worrying things about lung cancer patients include sequelae and the probability of becoming severe. Patients are also likely to think that it is safe to avoid going to the hospital and reduce the risk when they know that they are a high-risk group. This is not good for cancer patients diagnosed or still undiagnosed.

In recent years, lung cancer has become a disease that can be treated like a chronic disease. However, the longer it is delayed, the more unfavorable the treatment and the relatively poor prognosis.

In the past, there was a second stage of lung cancer patients who could have undergone surgical treatment and follow-up observation, but the epidemic situation After a few months of delay, I did not expect it to develop to the third phase, and there were also patients who unfortunately passed away from the third phase to the fourth phase

Is it safer not to go to the hospital for lung cancer during the epidemic?

Doctor: The hospital is safer than outside.

Dr. Wu Jiaoen explained that during the epidemic, the hospital environment will naturally pay special attention to regular cleaning, and anyone entering or leaving the hospital will also enter health insurance information.

With adequate protection, the hospital environment will be safer than most outdoor environments. , even safer than at home or at work. In contrast, patients with lung cancer should be advised to avoid unnecessary going out, rather than not going to the hospital. 

If the public is really worried and inconvenient to go, they should also keep in touch with the doctor; if the diagnosis is really confirmed, they should also see a doctor online and prescribe a new crown drug, focusing on the treatment and control of the current new crown virus, and let the attending physician of lung cancer continue.

Master the situation and seek medical attention immediately if abnormal symptoms such as poor breathing, hypoxia, and confusion occur.

Lung cancer worry about drug resistance, chemotherapy side effects?

Doctor: There are many options, such as treating chronic diseases.

In addition to worrying about the impact of the epidemic on the willingness of lung cancer patients to seek medical treatment, Dr. Wu Jiaoen also said that treatment methods are also issues that doctors and patients need to face together, such as drug resistance of targeted drugs.

 Although they are both lung cancer patients, the treatment methods are different, and drug resistance also varies from person to person. If drug resistance occurs, the effect of the drug declines, and it is necessary to progress to chemotherapy, lung cancer patients are generally afraid that chemotherapy will also be a test.

Chemotherapy does bring many side effects and discomforts, such as hair loss, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, etc. However, in fact, everyone’s condition is different. Many patients are in good condition after receiving chemotherapy, because everyone’s feelings and acceptance are different. Different, don’t scare yourself first.

 Physicians will also do psychological construction with patients before treatment, but this is to avoid being frightened by sudden symptoms. More importantly, doctors and patients should work together to move forward in the direction of “I want to get back to health”.

At this stage, the treatment options for lung cancer are actually quite diverse, including different targeted drugs such as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation. If properly arranged, it can also help patients to delay the time to enter chemotherapy.

It is recommended that patients can actively discuss their personal treatment goals with their physicians and formulate appropriate treatment strategies. Taking patients with EGFR gene mutation as an example, if the second-generation targeted drugs are used in the first line, if they encounter drug resistance in the future, there is still the opportunity to continue to use the third-generation targeted drugs for treatment.

 This continuous dual-target treatment strategy, like a relay, allows the third generation to continue after the second generation, slowing down the time to enter chemotherapy and achieving good therapeutic effects.

According to international research, the survival rate of more than half of lung cancer patients can reach about 63.5 months, and the clinical data of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital also shows that it can reach 61.8 months, which can be extended for about five years as a whole.

His 80-year-old lung cancer stage IV bone metastases,

I was told that I could climb the mountain with only half a year left!

Dr. Wu Jiaoen shared that a grandfather in his 80s had bone pain and was found to have bone metastases in the fourth stage of lung cancer. He was told that there were only 6 months left. Although the patient was surprised, he accepted and referred him. As of Dr. Wu’s treatment, under the active treatment of the second generation of targeted drugs, he has survived for more than three years and has not yet used other registered treatments. In addition, there is also a case of about 60 years old.

The second-generation targeted therapy was originally performed, and the third-generation targeted drug was used for about 5 years. The doctor also reapplied for her critical illness qualification, and she is currently undergoing stable treatment. .

Lung cancer treatment is approaching chronic disease,

6 major policies to help better prognosis!

Dr. Wu Jiao’en has repeatedly called for the treatment of lung cancer in many ways. It is like treating chronic diseases. Everyone’s situation is different. It is difficult to say the remaining time. It is important to live a good life and discuss treatment strategies with your doctor in detail so that proper treatment arrangements can be made. A diagnosis of lung cancer should be treated as soon as possible, as long as you follow the doctor’s advice, stabilize the treatment, return to the doctor regularly, take medicines, do a good job in epidemic prevention, and live a good life.

 Although the treatment may be difficult, but continue to maintain the mentality of “I want to live well” and “I want to get back to health”, even in the modern age coexisting with the virus, there is no need to panic too much.

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