Early treatment of high-risk early triple-negative breast cancer is the key! Get rid of the predicament of high recurrence and mortality!

Today Health / Chen Yuen

Breast cancer has always been the number one threat to women’s health in China in recent years. But with advances in breast cancer screening and treatments, survival rates are higher than for other cancers. However, many cancer patients hear that they are diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, they feel that it is relatively easy to relapse, and even have a higher risk of death, so they decide to take passive treatment.

 In fact, this concept has changed with medical progress. Now even high-risk early-stage triple-negative breast cancer still has the opportunity to pursue a chance of non-recurrence and cure. What kind of treatment strategy has changed the previous predicament?

There are many benefits of early treatment! Complete tumor disappearance improves survival

Professor Chen Xunche, a consultant attending physician at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, said that the treatment strategy for triple-negative breast cancer is to adopt “pre-treatment” with chemotherapy followed by surgery. Taking the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Linkou as an example, about 40% of triple-negative breast cancer patients undergo chemotherapy first and then undergo surgical resection.

This strategy has the potential to shrink large tumors that were previously unresectable to the point where they can be removed, and even undergo breast-conserving surgery. As for patients with lymphatic metastasis, after chemotherapy, some patients may make lymphatic metastasis disappear, so they can only undergo sentinel lymph node resection to avoid the risk of lymphedema in the future.

Don’t be discouraged if you are diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer! Chemotherapy combination + immunosuppressant improves prognosis

Immunotherapy can help improve the effect of early treatment! According to the statistics of 351 clinical patients at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Linkou, most of the high-risk early-stage triple-negative breast cancer patients can achieve the goal of tumor clearance to the point of undetectable signs after receiving the pre-treatment with chemotherapy combined with immunization, surpassing the traditional small red breast cancer patients.

There are many combinations of berries, paclitaxel and platinum chemotherapy, and the risk of recurrence is relatively low! More importantly, the survival rate of patients who can achieve complete tumor remission after initial treatment can be greatly improved, which is the current treatment goal of triple-negative breast cancer.

High-risk early-stage triple-negative breast cancer refers to the triple-negative tumor larger than 2 cm, regardless of whether lymphatic metastasis; or the tumor between 1-2 cm and no lymphatic metastasis.

Professor Chen Xunche explained that although triple negative breast cancer is complex in type, early detection still has a good prognosis, and the treatment has also made significant progress in recent years. He appeals to patients not to be discouraged, and to actively cooperate with the doctor for treatment!

Young women don’t take it lightly! Get into the habit of checking regularly

It is worth noting that, compared with breast cancer in Western countries, the proportion of young women with breast cancer is not low in addition to the elderly group. Although the government currently only provides regular mammography examinations for women aged 40-44 with a family history of breast cancer (women whose blood relatives within the second degree have had breast cancer) and women aged 45-69, Professor Chen Xunche urged that young female friends should still take the initiative to develop regular mammograms. The habit of doing breast examinations for early detection and treatment.

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