Don’t let the oil drip into the charcoal fire, be careful of cancer! 4 simple strokes by nutritionists to make barbecue healthier.

Mid-autumn barbecues take a long time, and you still need to pay attention to the possible health effects of barbecues. For example, if the oil of barbecue drips into the charcoal fire, it will actually produce carcinogens. It is during the holidays that many people bake more than one stall. Zeng Yufang, a nutritionist from the Nutrition Department of Chi Mei Medical Center, suggested that you should pay attention to the simple 4 concepts when roasting meat. Enjoying delicious food can also take into account health!

Don’t drip oil into the charcoal fire, be careful to cause cancer!
Nutritionists recommend 3 roasting methods to help avoid injury.

Zeng Yufang, a nutritionist, said that the reason why barbecue is fragrant is that the fat of high-fat animal ingredients is dissolved in high-temperature charcoal fire, such as pork belly, short ribs, sausage, bacon, etc. But don’t just bake it for the sake of the aroma, because the aroma is actually easy to contain harmful substances called “polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons”, which can easily increase the risk of cancer when inhaled, and will also stick to the food, unknowingly. eat.

On the other hand, the above-mentioned roasting method is also prone to produce another harmful substance “acrylamide” in food, which is a carcinogenic risk found in burnt food. Although in recent years, there have been different medical opinions on the claim that it causes cancer. Conclusion, but unnecessary risks can be reduced one is one, it is better to avoid it.

Zeng Yufang, a nutritionist, suggested that people can use a grill pan instead of iron mesh when grilling meat, or use aluminum foil to cover the ingredients to isolate the food and charcoal fire, or use a cassette stove instead of charcoal. These methods will help avoid the above problems. Better to avoid poisoning.

It is healthier to eat low-fat meat first for barbecue, and
3 fingers are only 65 calories away!

Zeng Yufang, a nutritionist, said that if you want to eat barbecue happily and take into account health, you can also make some simple changes in the ingredients. For example, you can choose meat, chicken thighs, seafood, etc., and reduce high-fat meat such as pork belly and plum meat. The former is about 55 kcal, and the latter is about 120 kcal. The difference between the two is about 65 kcal.

Many people also worry that low-fat meat will be too dry and too woody. Zeng Yufang, a nutritionist, suggests that you can add salt water or minced ginger, minced garlic, green onion, Italian spices and other spices for pickling, and you can increase the amount of meat.

Flavor, remove fishy smell, and make the meat more tender and tender. It is also recommended to use spices to make your own sauces, while commercially available barbecue sauces are recommended to be diluted with water to taste. In this way, while eating meat happily, it can also be low-fat, low-sodium, and low-calorie, which is more beneficial to health.

Barbecue Learning TV Mix and match vegetables and meat to
add fun, refreshing and healthy!

Zeng Yufang’s nutritionist also suggested that vegetables can be used to add changes to barbecued meat. For example, the whole skewer of meat can be eaten like a common way of American TV dramas.

It is made into skewers such as scallions and cabbage wrapped in meat. You can also wrap the meat with lettuce, lettuce, romaine leaves, etc., just like the common Korean way of eating in Korean dramas. In this way, you can not only enjoy the delicious taste of meat, but also a visual enjoyment, adding interest, adding health points, and eating less greasy, refreshing and sweet!

Barbecue simply adjusts the order of eating,
eating meat slices and vegetables first is healthier!

You can also put some effort into the roasting order. When many people are roasting, in order to heat up the atmosphere as soon as possible and start quickly, they will start with bacon, sweet and spicy, sausages, etc. It is recommended to change to fresh meat and vegetables. start.

 Because if you start with sausages and other ingredients, you will often eat too many processed foods throughout the game, which is not good for your health. However, if you start with fresh meat slices and vegetables, then roast sweet potatoes, corn and other starches, and finally The amount of processed food you eat will naturally decrease. With a few simple principles, grilled meat can also be eaten healthy!

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