Detect prodromal symptoms of schizophrenia in 1 minute! Grasp the golden treatment period to prevent brain deterioration

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Schizophrenia originated from “the brain is sick”. In order to let the public know more about schizophrenia, the Taiwan Psychiatry Association specially held a press conference on the starting point of caring for the heart, sharing the 15 major symptoms of schizophrenia, and encouraging the public to pass Simple assessment,

early detection of the warning signs of brain illness, grasping the golden treatment period of the first 5 years, with psychological, social and spiritual rehabilitation treatment, also have the opportunity to turn the life of schizophrenia and return to normal social life.

Lack of disease awareness delays treatment, and irregular medication increases the risk of death!

Tsai Chang-che, chairman of the Taiwan Psychiatric Association, said that schizophrenia is a mental illness in which “thinking ability” and “perception function” are disturbed due to an illness in the brain.

  • In Taiwan, there are about 140,000 people with schizophrenia
  • Prevalence about 6%
  • If not treated early and continuously, repeated acute attacks will continue to deteriorate brain function
  • Disordered behavior can easily lead to tension and conflict between family and friends
  • The mortality rate of patients in early life is 2-3 times that of normal peopleHowever, it is clinically found that patients and their family members often lack a sense of disease awareness of schizophrenia, and even mistakenly believe that they are evil and delay the correct treatment.
  • Even after receiving treatment, data from the National Health Insurance Administration shows that up to 60% of patients still take medicines irregularly, and with the longer the drug interruption time, the higher the proportion of patients with relapse and readmission.

    Grasp the golden treatment period! Long-acting injections to assist

    Chen Liangyu, secretary general of the Taiwan Psychiatric Association, said that every episode of schizophrenia will cause irreversible damage to the brain. Patients should grasp the golden treatment period of the first 5 years after the onset, and actively cooperate with the doctor’s order to take regular medication.

    • Current schizophrenia treatment drugs are oral and injection
    • If oral medications are frequently discontinued or ineffective, both international and domestic treatment guidelines recommend considering long-acting injections
    • Can improve medication compliance, reduce medication interruption rate, and reduce the chance of relapse
    • Reduce the risk of emergency department by 40%, the risk of hospitalization by 60%, the risk of readmission within six months by about 60%, and the risk of death by 40%Strengthen mental health and psychiatric medical services! Government and doctors work together to open up new “thinking” paths

      It is worth noting that the government’s care policy for schizophrenia has been improving in recent years. Among them, the Department of Mental Health of the Ministry of Health and Welfare is responsible for strengthening mental health services, including the establishment of tertiary prevention strategies, the establishment of suspected case screening forms for initial screening and referral.

    • system, enrich community care visits and case management manpower, spread community mental health centers, set up judicial psychiatric hospitals and judicial psychiatric wards, and amend the “Mental Health Law”.

      The National Health Insurance Administration is in line with the international treatment trend, with an independent budget of more than 2.7 billion yuan, encouraging clinicians to list long-acting injections as one of the priority treatment options for mentally ill patients.

    • In addition, for schizophrenia patients, an additional budget of 60 million yuan has been added. For post-acute care (PAC), it can help patients with schizophrenia to obtain better disease control, relieve the pressure of caregivers and hospitals, and create patients/family members, medical institutions and hospitals. A triple win for the government.

      Quick detection in one minute! 15 Prodromal Symptoms of Schizophrenia

      As for how to detect early warning signs of brain disease? Chairman Cai Changzhe said that the latest “Clinical Guidelines for the Development of Early Intervention and Long-acting Injections of Psychiatric Medicine in China” released by the Taiwan Psychiatric Association shared the “Simple Self-Completing Scale for Suspected Psychiatric Early Stage”. The public can help the public through the following 15 questions. As long as you or your relatives or friends do the assessment, as long as you answer “yes” to 8 questions (inclusive) or more, or if you answer “yes” to any of the 3 questions (1, 2, and 15), the representative may be As a warning sign of schizophrenia , it is recommended to consult a psychiatrist as soon as possible to facilitate early detection and early treatment.

      1. I go to crowded places and can’t handle that stressful feeling.
      2. I feel like I can’t get close to others.
      3. I can’t do anything.
      4. I feel that my brain power is not enough, thinking about things, reciting some things, I feel tired.
      5. I was silent most of the time when others were present.
      6. I sometimes worry about a friend or coworker being unfaithful or untrustworthy.
      7. I try not to express my heart.
      8. If I have to speak in front of a large group of people, I get very anxious.
      9. I can’t do things (study) for a long time, and I want to rest all of a sudden.
      10. I feel like I don’t always handle things well.
      11. I don’t speak vividly.
      12. I’m not good at coping with social etiquette.
      13. When you see someone talking, do you suspect they are talking about you?
      14. Do you often find that there is a sense of threat or blame behind the words or actions of others?

Do you hear certain tones, calls, or voices calling your name?

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