Bad breath because of anger? The doctor pointed out 4 major reasons for early inspection, and healthy tea to help maintain!

It is often heard that the problem of bad breath is caused by anger, but it is not necessarily the case, and bad anger may not necessarily cause bad breath. What is the relationship between anger and bad breath? What kind of problems could be caused by the fire? What are the possible causes of bad breath? How to improve and treat? Is there any way to maintain it? Hu Xinbin, director of Yiwenfengze Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, explained one by one Chinese and Western medicine physicians!

Bad breath because of anger?
Chinese and Western medicine: closely related, but not necessarily.

How does Chinese medicine see anger?
Physician Hu Xinbi said that in traditional Chinese medicine, the human body can be divided into five major systems (the liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney) (non-organs). It can be caused by various pressures such as , work, etc. It may also be caused by poor diet or disease.

How does western medicine see anger?
From the point of view of Western medicine, it can be understood that there is inflammation somewhere in the body, or it may be that the function and metabolism of a certain organ are in abnormal and overreacting, such as the common inflammation of the gums, swelling, bad breath, and sore throat. Went to the examination and found that the throat was inflamed, manifested in the form of swelling, heat and pain.

closely related, but not necessarily?
Physician Hu Xinbi also explained that bad breath and anger are closely related, but they are not necessarily related. Bad breath may not only occur due to anger or inflammation, but other problems may also occur; It may be caused by other reasons.

Such as dry mouth, cracked mouth, swollen gums, sore throat, constipation, headache, bloating, acne, very hot body, easy sweating, irritability, etc. These are all common symptoms of anger, but not necessarily all Cause bad breath.

Bad breath is not necessarily because of anger?
Chinese and Western medicine refers to 4 common reasons!

Bad breath is not necessarily caused by a lot of anger. The common ones can be seen from daily habits, eating habits, general diseases, and serious diseases. 

Daily habits:
For example, there is no good brushing habit in the simplest way, or you usually brush your teeth, but don’t use dental floss. If the food is not found in the gap between the teeth, bad breath will also occur. It is also possible to drink insufficient water and go to bed later, which may cause anger. And many people are accustomed to breathing through their mouths, and they are also prone to bad breath. And those who have the habit of smoking are naturally prone to bad breath problems.

Eating Habits:
If you often eat fried chicken, barbecue and other heavy-flavored foods, the stomach may be more vigorous and bad breath may be formed. I like to eat onion, ginger, garlic and other spices. Although a moderate amount is healthy, there will also be peculiar smells, and not only the mouth, but also the body is more likely to smell.

General diseases:
In terms of general diseases, such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, gum inflammation and other common oral problems, or gastric ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux, chronic gastritis and other stomach problems, sinusitis, nasal discharge, nasal congestion and other nasal problems, and nasal congestion , Nasal allergies are also because people often open their mouths to breathe, resulting in dry mouth, which in turn produces bad breath.

Serious diseases:
Serious diseases such as nasopharyngeal cancer, oral cancer, etc., may cause bad breath due to tissue corruption. Others such as diabetic ketoacidemia, liver failure, kidney failure, etc. may also produce bad breath and body odor.

It is better to check the bad breath first and then improve it, to
find out the cause and help avoid major diseases!

Based on the above, the problem of bad breath may be caused by a lot of anger, and a lot of anger may also hide serious diseases. Whether it is to see traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine, if there are related problems, we should encourage the public to check first rather than deal with it on their own. Check to see if there are other symptoms, evaluate the possible exact problem based on various evidence and clues, and treat the underlying problem and improve bad breath.

It is recommended to avoid purchasing traditional Chinese medicine directly to reduce anger and improve, only buy oral fragrance related products to simply suppress bad breath, or to hear about drugs that are very useful, drugs of unknown origin, etc., so as to avoid misjudgment, injury to the body, or even neglect Major diseases. Of course, for the sake of convenience, if you want to try to deal with it yourself, it is also possible, but if you find that the effect is not good, it is recommended to check it as soon as possible.

The examination direction can be both traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. For western medicine, you can initially go to dentistry, otolaryngology, family medicine, etc. If you find other problems, you can refer to relevant departments for further examination.

First check and then maintain
the common situation of Chinese and Western medicine to drink tea to maintain health!

After examination, the possibility of serious diseases was ruled out, and Dr. Hu Xinbin also suggested that he could absorb nutrients through tea health preservation according to his own symptoms to improve. In general, green tea brewed with tea leaves is a pretty good choice, with a heat-clearing effect. People with flatulence, bloating, and headaches can choose peppermint tea. 

Those who go to bed late, have a lot of stress, have a lot of eye mucus, and are prone to headaches at work can choose cassia seed tea and chrysanthemum tea. Those with dry or sore throat and frequent acne on the face can choose honeysuckle tea or Houttuynia cordata tea. If you don’t sleep well, your mouth is broken, etc., you can choose lotus seed heart tea.

Remind the public to check the problem of bad breath first, confirm the root cause and treat it, and then maintain it in a simple way, which will help to get rid of bad breath!

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