Acute lymphoblastic leukemia is not an incurable disease! 90% of the first line can be cured, 10% of the cell immune solution!

When a child is diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the number one cancer in children, parents are always panicked and confused. However, the Children’s Cancer Foundation also encourages parents not to be too discouraged, and fight cancer with their children together.

Although it is cancer, it is not a terminal illness. Now there are a variety of treatment methods to deal with, it is important to choose a suitable treatment method to actively treat!

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia is not an incurable disease, and
the first-line cure rate is as high as 90%!

Dr. Chen Bowen from the Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Department of the Children’s Cancer Foundation and Hexin Cancer Center Hospital said that acute lymphoblastic leukemia is a high threat, and the course of the disease is fast and violent.

If there is no immediate treatment, it may affect life safety within a few months. Fortunately, although it is cancer, it is not a terminal disease, and the cure rate is quite high. As long as the disease is actively treated, about 80%-90% of patients can be cured in the first-line chemotherapy and targeted drug treatment stage.

Parents should not be too discouraged. The current treatment can be divided into remission induction period, consolidation treatment, maintenance treatment, central nervous system preventive treatment, etc., usually for about 2-3 years.

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia “refractory”, the
existing cellular immunotherapy to assist!

However, although the first-line cure rate can be as high as 90%, about 10%-20% of children with cancer have poor response or are prone to relapse, said Dr. Zhou Xiantang, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Children’s Cancer Foundation and Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, National Taiwan University Hospital. , which may be related to genes.

Has treatment been difficult in the past?
In the case of poor response or easy relapse in the past, it is necessary to complete “allogeneic stem cell transplantation” to have a chance to control the disease and strive for a cure. However, this test is very difficult. In addition to finding suitable stem cells first, it is also necessary to use far more advanced chemotherapy.

High-dose chemotherapy not only easily leaves children with permanent sequelae, but also increases the risk of cancer in the future. In order to avoid the attack of body organs by implanted stem cells, children may also have to take immunosuppressive drugs for life, so that 2 to 3 years The battle against cancer becomes a lifelong battle.

Cellular immunotherapy ushered in the dawn of treatment!
Fortunately, “cellular immunotherapy” is now available, which can be used for traditional treatment and precision treatment. The former uses a large number of immune cells to replicate to increase the chance of killing cancer cells; the latter is like a missile, enabling immune cells to find cancer cells. Cells are precisely eliminated, and a one-time treatment is expected to usher in the dawn of cure.

 And because the treatment weapon comes from itself, the child does not have to be tossed with higher doses of chemotherapy, and the probability of developing lesions in the future is much lower than that of allogeneic stem cells.

Intractable case!
Cellular immunotherapy is stable so far!

Dr. Zhou Xiantang also shared that there is a successful case of cellular immunotherapy in China today. The case was only 6 years old at the time of diagnosis, and the examination was a refractory type.

It can be expected that the 10%-20% treatment effect mentioned above is not effective. And at that time, no suitable bone marrow was found after the failure of the first-line chemotherapy. Fortunately, there was cellular immunotherapy at that time, and the case was stable after a one-time course of treatment!

Learn about acute lymphoblastic leukemia,
a great place for parents and children to travel together!

Recognize acute lymphoblastic leukemia, pay attention to the physical condition of children, check and treat as soon as possible, even if it is cancer, don’t be too nervous. The Children’s Cancer Foundation also held a special exhibition of co-learning pictures and texts on the 40th anniversary of its establishment.

 With large-scale illustrations and interactive installations, parents and children were like walking in a children’s book, and they learned about acute lymphoblastic leukemia in simple terms. It is a good place for knowledgeable parents and children to travel together. Interested people are welcome to visit.

Exhibition information:
“Don’t be afraid when acute lymphoblastic leukemia comes knocking! After crossing the “white” day and the “evil” dream, there is a rainbow”
Date: 9/5-9/18
Time: 09:00-17:00 daily Exhibition
Venue: National Taiwan Science Education Center

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