Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Worries Worse and Worse? Metronomic chemotherapy with low side effects and quality of life

There are more than 14,000 new breast cancer patients in Taiwan every year. Many women are worried about the pain of mammography, which makes early diagnosis and misses the opportunity to detect and treat cancer. The doctor said that the side effects of breast cancer chemotherapy have been reduced compared with the previous ones. Elderly people … Read more

Simple and popular weight loss combo! 168+211+ diet sequence, thin and healthy!

There are hundreds of ways to lose weight, but they may not achieve results. This is always frustrating. Manman nutritionist introduces several popular, simple and easy-to-implement ways to lose weight, including 168 diet, 211 diet, and diet sequence. Etc., combining the three dietary concepts, not only beneficial to weight loss but also to health, making … Read more

Shrimp has high nutritional value and helps to lose weight! Can you eat shrimp heads? How to eat shrimp more healthy?

Shrimp has high nutritional value. It is not only low in calories but also has various nutrients. It is a very good source of protein intake for those who lose weight and maintain health. When eating shrimp, many people also have the habit of eating shrimp heads. Some people say it is nutritious, and some people … Read more

How to choose/eat group B? A picture to understand! Nutritionists teach that eating like this will improve the effect!

Group B is the nutrition that people often think of when it comes to refreshing, but the role of group B is not only that. how to eat? How to choose? Which one to eat? Nutritionist Jian Yuhua explained one by one! How to choose/eat group B? A picture to understand! Not only nutrition, but also food. Dietitian Jian … Read more

Bad breath because of anger? The doctor pointed out 4 major reasons for early inspection, and healthy tea to help maintain!

It is often heard that the problem of bad breath is caused by anger, but it is not necessarily the case, and bad anger may not necessarily cause bad breath. What is the relationship between anger and bad breath? What kind of problems could be caused by the fire? What are the possible causes of bad breath? How to … Read more

Don’t let the oil drip into the charcoal fire, be careful of cancer! 4 simple strokes by nutritionists to make barbecue healthier.

Mid-autumn barbecues take a long time, and you still need to pay attention to the possible health effects of barbecues. For example, if the oil of barbecue drips into the charcoal fire, it will actually produce carcinogens. It is during the holidays that many people bake more than one stall. Zeng Yufang, a nutritionist from the … Read more

Early treatment of high-risk early triple-negative breast cancer is the key! Get rid of the predicament of high recurrence and mortality!

Today Health / Chen Yuen Breast cancer has always been the number one threat to women’s health in China in recent years. But with advances in breast cancer screening and treatments, survival rates are higher than for other cancers. However, many cancer patients hear that they are diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, they feel that it is … Read more

Unknown mass on body is malignant tumor? Soft tissue sarcoma recurrence how to do? Continuing new hope for targeted therapy

Have you ever had an illegal construction on your body? I found that strange protrusions suddenly grew on the skin. I thought it was just a lipoma. I didn’t expect it to get bigger. I went to the doctor and found out that it was a rare cancer “malignant soft tissue sarcoma”.  In the past, when … Read more

Prostate hypertrophy and can’t urinate, man accidentally “falls” through his bladder! Diet, Habits, Drugs, and Surgery to Fight Prostate Hypertrophy

Text / Today Health Hong Suqing A man in his 60s was sent to the hospital with abdominal pain after a fall at home. The doctor found that the man fell through the bladder. It turned out that the man was suffering from hypertrophy of the prostate. On the day of the incident, he could not … Read more

Detect prodromal symptoms of schizophrenia in 1 minute! Grasp the golden treatment period to prevent brain deterioration

Today Health / Chen Yuen Schizophrenia originated from “the brain is sick”. In order to let the public know more about schizophrenia, the Taiwan Psychiatry Association specially held a press conference on the starting point of caring for the heart, sharing the 15 major symptoms of schizophrenia, and encouraging the public to pass Simple assessment, … Read more